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Shawn Dawson


I was born Frederick Dawson on August 14, 1969 in Whitesburg, Kentucky.  I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by my mother. As a youth, I was always ambitious. At age 10, I delivered newspapers before going to school in the mornings. In high school I was the candy man who had workers that would sell candy for me and I would collect money at the end of the school day. With this money, I would go to the music store to purchase vinyl records for my music collection. Being a DJ was one of my hobbies as well as breakdancing. I recall my mom sending me to Kentucky each summer (June-August) to spend time with my grandparents, from age 8 to 18. I never spent a summer in Milwaukee as a youth.


In 1987, I graduated from high school and then attended college at Kentucky State University, my mom’s alma mater. While a student, I pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., where I held various office positions. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Marketing in 1992 and returned to Milwaukee to start a new career.


After being frustrated with various types of jobs, my mother suggested that I get a job in the school system. For one year, I was an assistant in the classroom, then was offered an opportunity to obtain my own classroom. From 1993-2002, I taught as an elementary special education teacher in the Milwaukee Public School System. This was such an awesome and life changing opportunity for me. It helped me become more patient, and showed me how to teach and help others. While being an educator, I was introduced to the internet in 1994. I taught myself the internet, web design as well as graphics. For 15 years, I was self-employed maintaining an online fashion store, selling shoes, clothes and accessories around the world and on Ebay.


In 2007, I left Wisconsin and moved to Minnesota for love. I found my wife on Black People Meet (website) and later divorced her on Skype in 2015. While married, I became a member of the Fortune Builders Mastery Program, which taught me real estate and how to become an investor. I gained extensive experience in real estate investments in Illinois and Minnesota. After acquiring these skills, I found myself going through a bitter divorce which caused us to sell our home. I moved near my mother in Mesa, Arizona, started my life over and became a licensed Realtor. While building my real estate business, I also added credit restoration services.  After going through a rough divorce, I was stuck with over $60,000 in credit card debt, a credit score of 538, and had no solutions. I was offered an opportunity to fix my credit and to help others rebuild and restore their credit as well. All of these experiences have provided me with a wide range of skills that will be helpful and useful in various real estate transactions.  


As a professional Realtor, I work with buyers, sellers and investors nationwide and in the Phoenix Metro/Maricopa County. Known as a fierce advocate for my clients, you will find my work ethic, market knowledge and personal commitment to be exceptional. With a background in marketing, sales, real estate, I am well versed in the art of "making the deal".  Whether you are buying, selling or renting, I will work tirelessly to promote your best interests. If you are selling, I will work with you to get the fairest price, in the least amount of time, by using state of the art technology, team collaboration and superior marketing materials. If you are buying, I will work hard to provide you with the best 
information and market data to inform and assist you, so you can be a well-equipped buyer with the strongest possible negotiating position. I am also a credit specialist and help others get qualified for home loans.



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